Whats New

Whats New

This page is updated to showcase the latest in product design from one of our selected brands.

24th January

Elevate Shelving

A shelving system with endless possibilities.  Elevate allows you to customize your home, office or personal space with an unlimited number of configurations.  Assembled easy without the use of tools.  Elevate comes with 5 different shelves and dowel options allowing a versatile modular shelving unit.  We’re excited


27th October

Mono Bar Stool

The Mono Bar and Counter Stool is a result of untraditional thinking – the revolutionary material grada allows the wood to fold like a piece of paper.  The seat is folded like a cone shape – the overlapping construction of the seat would not have been possible with conventional laminating techniques.

Kasper Nyman is a Finnish designer who designs his products from a strong idea with identity, functionality and quality.


20th September

Diagonal Bench and Table in light grey from WOUD.

The new light grey colour matches the light construction of the bench and table – the Diagonal Series is inspired by constructions of scaffoldings, which give the bench a distinct and graphic profile.  Both pairs of legs are connected by transversley diagonal tunes that face opposite each other on either end, which form a perfect X.