The Concept

The Concept

Est 2015 in Torquay and Avoca Beach.

Flock (with a k) in its original sense was the definition of ‘a body of people’. It was later transferred to a group of animals/birds etc. We believe the re-connection to the original sense is compelling and resonates deeply with our values. By removing ‘k’ in the word we create a unique contemporary word mark which represents a re-positioning.  FLOC is a coastal design studio that brings you the best quality function brands from around the world.  We are a place of adventurers, influenced by natural elements and coastal architecture.

At FLOC Studio we import quality brands with a living simply but living well attitude.  Our furniture, homewares/textiles and lighting brands include WOUD and Kristina Dam from Denmark and WEWOOD from Portugal.  We also import Bradley Mountain which is an adventure brand focusing on bags and gear from San Diego.

From time to time we import clothing, linens, surfboards and we make our own FLOC beer.

We focus on the interior designer market as well as wholesaling to select medium boutique retailers across Australia and New Zealand.

FLOC is a family run business with operations on the coastal shores of Australia as well as inner city offices.

We aim to bring together craftsman, designers & creatives who share our zest for life, passion for freedom and the taste for fresh salty air.  Discussing the mysteries of the hours before dawn, taking in the last moments before dusk.

We live where our hearts lie – by the ocean longing for each new day to see what mysteries lie ahead.

Come inside FLOC – we incorporate the weathered charm of a beach shack, aromas of a mountain lodge with cool materials contrasting a warm fireplace.

We find the balance between living simply and living well, trekking the world for brands, bringing them here for you to own, wear or ride.