Collar Sofa – Right Arm


Collar Sofa – Right Arm


Collar Sofa designed by Meike Harde for WOUD.

Using voluminous curves and askew arranged back cushions, Collar reinterprets classic sofa design into a contemporary appealing appearance. Delta shaped sides perfectly support the cushion in a wide-angle for comfortable lounging. Combined with the low backrest, the continuous back cushion functions like a collar and when sinking into the carefully selected soft memory foam you achieve the feeling of a soft and deep hug. Communicating its comfort through a welcoming and warm design.

Available in five price groups.
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Collar Right ArmĀ 

Price Group 1a $4799

Ontario (Davis)

Sorrento Corduroy (Symphony Mills)


Atlantis (Symphony Mills)

Price Group 1b $5299

Facet (Textafoam)

Cura (Gabriel)

Price Group 2 $5699

Step Melange (Gabriel)

Select (Gabriel)

Gaja C2C (Gabriel)

Price Group 3 $6599

Remix 3 (Kvadrat)

Savoy (Gabriel)

Wooly (Nevotex)

Price Group 4 $7599

Steelcut Trio 3 (Kvadrat)

Harald 3 (Kvadrat)

Vider 3 (Kvadrat)

Fiord 2 (Kvadrat)

Icon (Nevotex)



Height – 740mm

Width – 1100mm

Length – 1770mm