Flora Middle Module (66cm)


Flora Middle Module (66cm)


Flora Sofa designed by Yonoh for WOUD.

The Flora Sofa is inspired by the natural vegetation and how petals of flowers grow in organic ways.  The Spanish design studio wanted to develop a modular sofa series with the outlines of a petal flower.  Designed to compose perfectly while staying organic and soft shaped.  The result is 4 different modules with the distinctive black piping and an armrest cushion, which allows for an unlimited number of combinations.

Available in five price groups.
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Corner Module 

Price Group 1a $2095

Ontario (Davis)

Sorrento Corduroy (Symphony Mills)


Atlantis (Symphony Mills)

Price Group 1b $2275

Facet (Textafoam)

Cura (Gabriel)

Price Group 2 $2395

Step Melange (Gabriel)

Select (Gabriel)

Gaja C2C (Gabriel)

Price Group 3 $2795

Remix 3 (Kvadrat)

Savoy (Gabriel)

Wooly (Nevotex)

Price Group 4 $2895

Steelcut Trio 3 (Kvadrat)

Harald 3 (Kvadrat)

Vider 3 (Kvadrat)

Fiord 2 (Kvadrat)

Icon (Nevotex)