Ghost Pendant – Small

Ghost Pendant – Small


Ghost Pendant Small – Designed by Studio Kowalewski for WOUD.

With its sculptural and minimalistic refined silhouette, the Ghost pendant has a modern purity. Made of translucent opal glass, the shade gives an illusion of a white cloth thrown over the light source. Resembling the appearance of a friendly ghost in the air. A figure that is enhanced by the subtle vertical groove pattern fading out gradually upwards. Casting a soft, diffused light, the Ghost pendant will fill the room with a cosy vibe.

Andreas Kowalewski is a talented German designer. His background as a carpenter and industrial designer combines craftsmanship, aesthetic and technical knowledge. he aims to create contemporary and meaningful product solutions for everyday life, reducing complexity in form and function.

Item not in stock – allow approx 18 weeks for delivery.



Diameter: 14,5 cm
Height: 20 cm
Cord: 300 cm