Kristina Dam Archi Sculpture

Kristina Dam Archi Sculpture



The solid beautiful brecha marble plates lock into each other forming this stylish sculpture. Brecha (or breccia) is a unique copper or brownish colored marble with crystalline onyx deposits and it has been used in mosaics, countertops, monuments and sculptures for centuries. Sculpted by hand, as any other from the Kristina Dam Studio collection, the Archi Sculpture is manufactured within the EU. This sculpture honours the great German Bauhaus art school founded by Walter Gropius and is Kristina Dams contribution celebration the 100 years of Bauhaus this very year.



Light & Dark Brecha Marble
( 3 pcs. light, 1 pcs. dark brecha marble )
22 L x 20,5 W x 22,8 H cm