Offset Candleholder Vol 2

Offset Candleholder Vol 2


Offset Candleholder | Vol. 2 | Sculpture Candleholder

A sculptural, enticing and stylish candleholder. “The Offset” is no ordinary candleholder, but rather a sculpture also capable of holding a candle. A graphic and bold designed piece of accessory.

The Offset Candleholder vol. 2. Travertine and Sandstone. Two lovely materials. Put together and aligned offset on purpose. This forms the base of the remarkable designed candleholder from Kristina Dam Studio. The offset candleholder vol. 2 has a exceptional sculptural appearance and the design of this candle-holder is without comparison. The contrast between the smooth grey sand stone and the porous travertine is as stricking as it is unique. The Offset Candle-holder design makes it worthy as a centerpiece, when not used as a sophisticated candleholder. The “Offset” is a statement piece of accessory that will look great illuminating all modern furnished homes and interiors. Kristina Dam Studio has a wide range of graphic designer candlestick and candleholder in collection – here among the very popular Arch Candler Holder vol. 2 and the Dash Candlestick.

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Sandstone and Travertine
10 L x 7 W x 10 H cm

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