Opal Vase – Large Beige

Opal Vase – Large Beige


Opal Vase – Large Beige by Kristina Dam.

Designer glass vase from Kristina Dam Studio. A large glass vase with soft rounded curves and a minimalist expression. The Opal beige vase is a beautiful and functional piece of danish designed glassware. A sculptural vase with a clean-cut look ideal for the modern home.

The Opal Vase series from Kristina Dam Studio. This large glass vase is truely a piece of glassware that will draw the attention of the viewer. A glass-vase that is a beauty in itself – even without holding a lovely flower bouquet.  A simple and useful glassware vase and the perfect vessel for all type of flowers. The smooth opal beige paint gives the large glass vase a retrogressive look. The opal vase is made of double layered mouth-blown glass.

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Mouth-Blown Painted Glass Beige Opal
14 Ø x 20 H cm