Buying Furniture to Last You A Lifetime – FLOC’s Top Tips.

Buying Furniture to Last You A Lifetime – FLOC’s Top Tips.

For only a little but more you can get something of a much better quality if you spend the time to shop around and tap into your supplier contacts.  Investing in furniture to last you a lifetime doesn’t need to be stressful.

Top Tips & Things to look out for:

Materials. Solid woods such as oaks over cheaper materials such as particle board, laminate and melamine. Your furniture piece will last much longer and is less toxic. Solid woods can be recycled whereas laminates for example cannot.

Look for craftsmanship in the design and production. You can often see on cheaper products the joins are not flush for example.

Price – shop around and tap into those supplier contacts. Look out for deals or even ask for a deal from a shop you love.

Can the product be versatile – transformed for further use.

Spend money where you spend your time – pick some spaces that you think are more important to invest in.

If you need to grab something in the interim that is a good idea too. Keep saving while the house still looks liveable.

Our planet cannot afford our churn and burn furniture obsession – we need to start caring about its lifespan, where the materials came from and where they will end up.  Slow down and take the time to invest in pieces that will last a lifetime and buy a piece of furniture that you will love.

by Ginette Emerson.

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