FLOC Since 2015

FLOC Since 2015

Since 2015 

Living Simply but Living Well.

FLOC began on the shores of Torquay and Avoca Beach in 2015 with a fresh approach to importing household goods aimed at the design hunter market.  With a background in marketing & branding we quickly created an engaging presence in the interiors world.  Our branding was key to our values as we had to find a name that was meaningful and different which lived true to our values.  FLOC was formed – which in its original sense with a K was the definition of a body of people which later transferred to a group of birds.  By taking out the K we create a unique contemporary name mark which represents a re-positioning.

We currently import only a few key select brands to make sure the brands get the exposure and service they deserve. Our brand choice includes those that are newer to Australia with a clear distinct design exploration. We need to love the pieces ourselves. Many items produced are those that are firsts created either by the brands or talented established designers of the brands.

We look forward to helping you furnish your space so you can love it for many years to come.

Some Q & A with FLOC

Favourite Travel Place – Morocco and Maldives

Favourite Food – Mexican

Nikon or Canon – Nikon

Favourite Chocolate – Cadbury

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