FLOC & Studio Gud over coffee in Porto

FLOC & Studio Gud over coffee in Porto


We recently meet the team from Studio Gud in Porto, now run by Paulo Neves, to chat about their design focus ,inspiration and where they’re heading.

Paulo is a based out of Porto designing for many brands locally and globally – his original designs for Wewood inspire us so we’re here to find out more.

FLOC – Tell us about the Orca and Raia Table

Paulo – We wanted to use techniques showing smaller and bigger angles on different views.  The Orca is like a whale with a tail as you can see this in the design of the chair.  The Raia is also an animal.  The seat shell is so refined you can barely see any construction.

FLOC – Love it!  Tell us more 🙂

Paulo – The Kundera chair was designed around the same time named after a writer – the book called ‘Lightness’.  We wanted to design a big object but make it light in weight as well as the way you see it.  The Kundera Chair is also refined so the chair joinery techniques are hidden away without the mess where the seat and legs join.

FLOC – We love the Cancun Stand – tell us about this design?

Paulo – The inspiration is from dance, 4 legs.  The tie is like the middle of a woman and is also the height of a woman.

FLOC – All of your designs for Wewood are so thought out.  We’re excited to see what you produce next.

Most importantly while in Porto – where to for dinner tonight?

Paulo – Visit Cleigos tower for the view and head to where the seat meets the river for pizza along the water to the east.



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