Top Places to Stay in Portugal

Top Places to Stay in Portugal

When staying in Portugal you know you’re going to be amazed by the architecture whether its old or new, the surroundings and the food and drink thats on offer.

After a few years of spending time in Portugal we’ve hand picked our favourite spots.

1 – Quinta De S.Bernardo Farmhouse and Winery

Douro Valley

Located in the hills of the Douro Valley, this boutique farmhouse is everything you need for a relaxing few nights stay.  We chose the winery tour which included a few hours of informative and fun dialogue about how the winery makes their wines along with a full tasting.  The rooms are perfectly suited to a couple overlooking the River.  Dinner has an optional 3 course meal with matching wines.



2 – 1908 Lisboa Hotel


Located near the Red Light District, this architectural styled hotel sits right in the hub of a melting pot of cultures, cuisines and cool kids.  The hotel staff are super friendly, sharing tips of the best things to do, where to eat, and also love a conversation about you and how your travels are going.  Once we checked in we had a few wines at the bar before heading to our room.  Later we were greeted with a small service to our room on the hotel around 5pm with a traditional Portuguese tart and Port.  A perfect start to the night.  Dinner looked so good so we opted to eat at the hotel.  The rooms are furnished using various pieces from local furniture brand Wewood which we import into Australia and NZ.



3 – Loft Puzzle


A simple styley apartment located  in the heart of Porto.  The charming apartment came with all the necessities including a full kitchen, washing machine, shower and bathroom, plus studio beds near the living area.  The studio is well designed with hidden storage and amazing balcony views.  There is no reception but you receive a phone number to meet for a key at the apartment.  Parking is next door and affordable.  The apartment is a perfect choice for anyone staying in Porto who wants luxury at an affordable price without needing to drive anywhere.

4 – Craveiral Farmhouse

South West Coast Portugal

We have yet to stay here but plan to in 2020.  A boutique farmhouse located near the coast SW of Portugal – a perfect combination between the contact with nature and comfort of modern life.

Studio, One and two bedroom suites available.  3 swimming pools, an indoor table and a grazing farmhouse restaurant table.

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