WEWOOD – Handmade since 2010

WEWOOD – Handmade since 2010


WEWOOD was established on the eastern parts of Porto in 2010 by sons of craftsman Carlos Alfredo. Since then they have continued to work with many designers, interiors designers and great local and international brands including Calem In Porto.

Each of our furniture pieces are handmade at our factory in Porto. WEWOOD has become Portugal’s premier furniture/joinery supplier, providing a product for optimal quality, aesthetic superiority and durability.

“At WEWOOD we believe in quality craftsmanship, making things the right way, and taking a classic approach to technology, materials, and designs. Combining these standards with our industry knowledge, we’re proud to offer you the best possible finished piece”, says founder Salvador Gonzaga.

WEWOOD only uses 2 wood materials – French Oak and American Walnut.

On my trip to Portugal I was lucky enough to visit the factory at WEWOOD – more on this and the amazing stories next ..





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