Whats New

Whats New

This page is updated to showcase the latest in product design from one of our selected brands.

30th April 2020

Lunar Pendant – Inspired by the Night Sky.

Designed by Johanna Hartikainen for WOUD.  A young and upcoming Finnish designer and interior architect based in Helsinki. Inspired by nature and its phenomenons, she has a playful approach to design combined with a dedication to Scandinavian simplicity.

The Lunar pendant is an elegant combination of soft light and sleek black metal inspired by the night sky.  Embracing modern architectural design while honouring the ancient astronomical observations. The three halos circling the opal glass sphere illustrate the cycle of waning and waxing moons and create an impression of a glorious full moon. Viewing the design from different angles, the moon’s phases will change and throw harmonious shadows. The minimalistic design and sculptured form make Lunar a delicate, distinctive piece above the dining or coffee table, both individually and in clusters.

2nd February 2020

Curved Bench by Kristina Dam

Taking inspiration from the popular Curved Side Table, Kristina Dam has now created the Curved Bench.  Made of Slick powder coated steel, the Curved Bench makes a bold and graphic statement in any setting with having the ability to store magazines and books.  This Bench welcomes simple, distinct and function design…because the world is complex enough.

12th August 2019

A new sofa from WOUD called Flora.

The new Flora sofa is a modular sofa system created into 4 different modules with the distinctive black piping and an armrest cushion allowing for an unlimited number of combinations.  Inspired by the natural shapes of vegetation and how petals of flowers grow in organic ways.

The 4 modules can be used in combination to create many possible sofa solutions.

5th March 2019

Kristina Dam launches her new Stone Tableware range.

Inspired by traditional Japanese pottery, the new tableware range includes a bowl and cup set which you can buy in sets or individual pieces.  Products to land into Australia end of May 2019.  Perfect for designers who love food.

19th September 2018

WOUD introduces their new Outdoor Collection called Ray.

Designed by Fasting and Rolff.

The Ray collection designed for WOUD comprises 12 different pieces of outdoor furniture.    United by the graphical details and common characteristics.  A modern and lightweight series of furniture in distinctive colours.

2nd August 2018

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31st July 2018

The WOUD Sentrum Side Table is Here!

Its been a long wait – released back in January 2018, the Sentrum Side Table was released by WOUD and we now finally have stock!  The Sentrum Side Table is functional and simple – with both ends being geometrically the same.  You can store magazines or books on both ends, in arms reach from a lounge chair.  A perfect coffee or side table for any home.

Available in warm grey or dusty green.

29th March 2018

Kristina Dam Mirror Table Small

An extension to the current popular large mirror table, Kristina Dam have now launched a small version in small.  A pedestal of beauty inspired by the platforms found at art galleries and museums around the world. The stunning black honed marble top provides a spelling contrast to the mirror framework of the table. A contemporary table suited for a confident and modern interior.

Materials Black Honed Marble & Mirror

Dimensions 42 L x 42 W x 43 H cm

28th February 2018

WOUD Nakki 3 Seater Sofa

Right now WOUD have THE BEST sofa on the market called the Nakki.  Originally designed in the 1 and 2 seater versions, this sofa made for the design hunter and general sofa lover is now available in 3 seater for all your home, office and comfort needs.

19th February 2018

Sentrum Side Table

Two designers with a theoretical background, Maximillian Schmahl and Fabian Schnippering designed the Sentrum Side Table with a simple approach stripping back all unnecessary elements with a simple outcome.  What is left is an S shaped construction creating 2 spaces for storage on both sides.

Available in warm grey or dusty green.

24th January

Elevate Shelving

A shelving system with endless possibilities.  Elevate allows you to customize your home, office or personal space with an unlimited number of configurations.  Assembled easy without the use of tools.  Elevate comes with 5 different shelves and dowel options allowing a versatile modular shelving unit.  We’re excited

27th October

Mono Bar Stool

The Mono Bar and Counter Stool is a result of untraditional thinking – the revolutionary material grada allows the wood to fold like a piece of paper.  The seat is folded like a cone shape – the overlapping construction of the seat would not have been possible with conventional laminating techniques.

Kasper Nyman is a Finnish designer who designs his products from a strong idea with identity, functionality and quality.

20th September

Diagonal Bench and Table in light grey from WOUD.

The new light grey colour matches the light construction of the bench and table – the Diagonal Series is inspired by constructions of scaffoldings, which give the bench a distinct and graphic profile.  Both pairs of legs are connected by transversley diagonal tunes that face opposite each other on either end, which form a perfect X.

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